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The Church of Perpetual Reparations provides the soothing balm of humor for those traumatized by religious dogma. Ingredients for our Perp Church Balm: sarcasm and satire combined with cold hard facts and lots of stock photos. Cost: $5 per month.

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In addition to our straight-up religious satire, The Perp Church will be poking the bear weekly and we don’t want you to miss out on the fun. We’ll be exploring every stupidity of organized religion and dissecting nonsensical scripture and hypocritical religious practices. We’ll help you stay abreast of the transgressions of major religious organizations and their malignant narcissist leaders and will entertain you with features on religious cults, past and present.

And when you join us as a subscriber, you’ll be encouraged to partake in our monthly Substack “chat,” featuring a religious topic du jour. We’ll be inviting a few true (albeit sadly misguided) believers into our lively repartee to spice things up a bit.

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A soothing balm of humor for those traumatized by religious dogma